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Regent Lawnmowers provides sales, maintenance, and repairs for the majority of outdoor power equipment from our facility in Whangarei. This includes several different tools, including cultivators, post hole borers, chippers, chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, pumps, generators, and chippers.

In addition to providing such a broad range of products and parts both offline and online, Regent Lawnmowers is committed to consistently ensuring that all of our tools and equipment are available at reasonable prices.

Choose the best parts

At Regent Lawnmowers, we provide a wide selection of lawnmower parts nz and authentic replacement parts. We can give you outstanding service and save downtime while you wait for orders to arrive by making sure we have the spare part you require in stock. Our spare parts specialists will assist you in choosing the right lawnmower parts nz part for your machine or the right accessory for your application since they have extensive knowledge in the outdoor power equipment business.

Along with lawnmower parts nz all of this, we also have a variety of specialized cleansers, lubricants, and oils to keep your goods operating at peak efficiency. Additionally, we provide a variety of authorized personal protection equipment. Our team is a real expert when it comes to ride-on equipment and power tools. We provide extensive repair and service solutions in addition to lawnmower parts nz parts and accessories like chainsaw bars and carburetor kits to the residents of Whangarei. Since our establishment in 1965, we have observed an increase in the demand for premium lawn mower and chainsaw parts and accessories. We commit ourselves to

Online services

Regent Lawnmowers is a lean business that uses clever logistics to offer lawnmower parts online nz from several manufacturers promptly and affordably. As a specialty store lawnmower parts online nz, we place a high value on service and quality as well as competitive pricing and lightning-fast order processing. Customers value this from us.

Our lawnmower parts online nz suppliers have access to practically all spare parts, whether they are for specialty retail equipment or spare parts for DIY equipment. When original spare parts are no longer available, we frequently have alternatives to provide. We also provide lawnmower parts online nz spare parts from practically all manufacturers as an added service. Due to the vast capacity of our warehouse, most things often ship quickly. Our goal is to make your purchase and provide assistance.

If you don’t have part numbers for the components you need, kindly give as much information as you can about your product. Model number, type, and serial number details will help us make sure we can send you the appropriate component.

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