A Stair Lift For Your Home

Suppose that you have your parents in the home and they are old, suffering from joint pain and are unable to go from stairs. So, in this case there is a cheap alternative to lift which can be used in the house. A Stair Lift can be really helpful in this case. What actually happens is that the regular lift costs more and it is only suitable if you have a big house or if it is very urgent to use in the home. A Stair Lift on the other hand is cheap and does not consume that much space just. All you need is stairs and the lift can be installed on the stairs. How does stair lift work? It’s pretty simple, first the rails are installed along the side of the stairs and then if there is a curve, a curve is made into the rail. After the rails have been installed correctly, then a motorized chair is attached to the rails.

The motorized chair has a motor at its bottom and it is attached to the rail along with its wiring. The control of the chair is set on to the chair and on the walls. So, if the chair is on the upper floor, you can call it to the lower floor through the control panel. The installation is really easy and the maintenance cost is low. Overall, the stair lifts australia is cheaper than the regular lift but the only problem is that can only be used by a single person. There are different models available that have different weight carrying capacities. Different colors are also available to suit your interior. For additional safety, a separate power bank can be added to the lift so that in case of emergency the operation of the stair lift keeps working.

We can help you in the installation of the stair lift. We can also guide you about the different stair lifts that are available at our store and our well experienced team can guide you which one is best for you and which one suits you the best according to your requirement. All of the stair lifts that we have comes with genuine warranty and you can claim it if anything happens but there are terms and conditions for the different lifts available. If you are unsure that weather your house will be able to bear the weight of the lift and the rails then don’t worry. Our team will do any early inspection for the feasibility of the stair lift installation.