The Benefits Of Stone Cladding


In the construction industry, siding also known as cladding, refers to the process of covering the exterior or interior surfaces of a building for functional and aesthetic purposes. Siding acts as a shielding fixture safeguarding the home against adverse weather as well as the elements. There are different types of cladding materials such as metal, stone, timber and even vinyl (plastic). Popular wood cladding includes cedar, white pine, wood shingles and redwood. Types of metal cladding include galvanized steel and aluminum.

 The benefits of cladding are numerous. The prime advantage to siding a home is the less maintenance needed. A home without cladding will need to be painted on a regular basis. Cladding materials such as vinyl will only need occasional washing to keep its freshness. Aluminum cladding, on the other hand, is used for canopies, column, facades, walls and roofs. It is durable and is able to protect the entire building from harsh elements without requiring any great deal of maintenance.

Vinyl or UPVC cladding is arguably the most popular cladding material these days. As the name suggests, it is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride panels (some people would refer to it as PVC). The material is easy to manipulate and install. It is less expensive than other siding options, say metal and wood. Feature floor tiles is quite expensive, but it is sure to last for many years. Another major reason why people install cladding is safety and protection. Generally speaking, cladding has the potential to protect the whole structure from rain water, rays from the sun, dust, chemicals and other elements. It offers protection from heavy downpours, molds and strong winds.

Aesthetic value is one of the primary reasons, most homeowners choose to install cladding. It can completely transform the appearance of a home, thereby making it more attractive. This way, the value of the home will also increase. If the homeowner thinks of selling the home in the near future, then he or she will likely sell it at a much higher price. Plus, finding a buyer won’t be an issue because every buyer would scramble for it. Depending on the requirements of the homeowner, a cladding can be left rough, polished or finished. Regardless of which style one prefers, each will give a home a unique and stunning look. Cladding is usually available in a wide variety of colors, such as beige, yellow, cream and light golden.

Some precious stones can also be used as a cladding material. Marble, limestone, sandstone, granite and slate are some of the popular stones used to make cladding. Stone is naturally strong and offers natural look. It is lightweight and can insulate the home during the hot summer seasons. Aside from natural stones, stacked stones are also available. These types of stones are not natural because they are manufactured. They offer a perfect alternative to typical stones. A person will have a difficult time differentiating between the two. If one thinks of buying cladding materials, there is a range of stores to consider. For example, a person can buy stacked stone online, as it is convenient and fast.